6 Things I Wish I Would Have Known About College

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Have you ever asked yourself should I really go to college? Or is college for me? Do I really need a degree to be a success and get a job? Is college the answer to my problems?

Currently, teachers, parents, leaders, colleges, high schools, guidance counselors and academic influencers would advise and say yes, kids should go to college.

We have glorified college as the savior for kids looking to make their dream a reality, find their purpose and be their greatest version. We have also believed that our greatest earning potential was found in a degree and attending a college. Sadly, most of the time college is the quickest way for people to handcuff their dreams and purpose to a debt for years and years to come.

I want to share with you why college for the most part can be a waste of time and money and the 6 reasons why college might not be for you. I want to share what is happening in this generation and how everything is slowly going to change and transform the learning experience for millions around the world. I also want to offer alternatives and not just speak into a problem but give the solutions for many seeking to advance and progress their purpose and profession.

When your young and just getting out of high school most of the time your innocent. Innocent to the real world. Innocent to financial stresses and struggles and most don’t understand how important these next 4-6 years of their life are and they join the rat race by jumping into college because it’s the socially acceptable and respected thing to do. Many are asked “so what college are you going to?” Those that answer “I’m not going to college,” are alienated, shunned, ridiculed and even labeled as “less than,” by their parents, society, bosses and peers.

I don’t hate college or higher education, I’m not some anti-learner or hater when it comes to pursuing a better future. I’m the opposite. I believe that your dreams were worth living and the life is meant to live with great purpose. That investing into yourself is the greatest responsibility and privilege you have and that learning is to never be stopped but going to college and graduating with my degree never taught me that.

I believe that for the masses college isn’t the answer but for those in more technical fields will need a degree to do their passion. I just want to write this for the 70% of college graduates that wish they spent more time preparing themselves for the real world, 73% of college grads that have a job unrelated to their major and the 83% of college students that don’t have a job waiting for after they graduate. So many have been promised a profession that 1. They will never get and 2. They don’t have a passion or purpose in.

I have spoken to so many thought leaders, earners and producers in C level positions that share this passion to see education rise to another level. We can all agree that we would not be here today unless we had taken our path but sadly I feel that could we help others create another path to a possibly more accelerated and better future. It the piece of paper we call a degree as valuable as we invested into it, is it as needed as we believe it was and is our GPA revered as many publicize?

In my junior year of getting my accounting degree I started a company. It was a nonprofit organization and it required all my time, energy and focus. I continue to get my degree but began to learn how to really discover what my passion was and what my future was. I declined my full time offers with top Accounting firms and stop pursuing any recruiters. I still studied hours each week and engaged in the classroom but I took massive step and went all in with my nonprofit before I finished graduating and it was the best decision I had ever made. I still finished my degree but my heart pulled me to a place that better represented me: entrepreneurship.

Today I want to share with you six questions everyone should ask themselves before they sign up or finish college. These are the six things very few get the privilege to know but when they do, it changes their life.

1. Am I Prepared For Huge Debt?

So many have had their destiny become paying off their debt. That sucks. Their purpose is now a problem called debt repayment. Right now, America holds $1.3 Trillion in student loan debt. That’s 1,300 billion. That’s 1,300,000 million. That’s $1,300,000,000,000. That’s a lot of money. It’s more than home mortgages, car loans and credit cards. What’s even worse is that the majority was accumulated within a 8 year period.

The cost of college continues to skyrocket. College has gone up 1,000% in the past 40 consecutive years. To sum it up a 4-year college education could cost you between $80,000-$160,000.

The cost of living and paying bills with your college debt doesn’t allow you to even be able to pay them off early so your stuck ball and chain to a debt that got you a job that doesn’t pay enough to pay off your school loans for 30 years.

The better question is what do I want to do with my life? The next is “do I need a degree to do that?”

More than 40% of the roughly 22,000,000 Americans who borrowed from the government student-loan program aren’t making payments or are behind on more than $200B owed. Don’t be one of these people, chained to your debt.

2. Does My Degree Mean Getting A Job?

Just 17% grads had a real job waiting for when they graduated. That’s 83% of people that graduate that don’t have anything lined up. Getting a degree doesn’t mean you get a job. There are 1,000s of people who have a degree and are still serving tables after they graduate. I know 100s of others that don’t have a degree that make far more than most people with a degree.

Getting a job doesn’t mean you need a degree. Only 62% of college grads had a job that required a college degrees. That means that 38% of people got a job in something that didn’t even require them to go to college and spend $80,000+. Getting a college degree never did and never will mean you’ll have a good job. 14% of college grads are consider to have a “real job.” 

What’s more startling is that 1 in 3 people can they they’re very happy with their life. What I believe is because the majority of them have been convinced that a degree, a job, a house a possession one day would give them purpose. Instead they should have invested into themselves in a way that progressed the idea of a degree. How did this all happen? Where did we get off track? Why have people chosen to live for profit over purpose? Well, simply because they had no alternative until now.

3. Do I Even Know What I Want To Do?

So many go to college to discover what they want to do instead of discovering what they want to do and finding out if they need to go to college to do it. It’s because so many are going to college to find purpose but you don’t have to spend that amount of money to discover your purpose.

It’s an estimated 27% of grads had a job that was closely related to their major. 27%. So 73% had a job that wasn’t related to their major at all. So many people go to college and never even use their major because it has nothing to do with what they want to do with their life.

You don’t go to college to find out what you want to do. You find out what you want to do and you go to college to get a degree in that passion. Most likely you can do what you want to do without even a degree.

I believe this has led to a lot of the 121 million people worldwide that are suffering from depression and over 40 million American adults with anxiety. They don’t know what to do and they don’t have a life plan to accomplish their life purpose.

4. Are You Looking For A Challenge To Learn & Develop?

Learning and going to school are two different things. A lot of kids will say “I just want the challenge,” or “I just want to learn.” If you have any discipline at all you don’t need a physical school location, a teacher in front of a class and a $50,000+ debt to learn and be challenged. One of the greatest challenges that will force you to learn is to start a business.

If you want to learn then there are 100s of programs that are either free or a fraction of a percentage of the costs that will teach you all you want or need to learn in 1,000s of different trades and skills. Join me and digest everything we put out and you will learn a lot more about your purpose, making your dream a reality and becoming the greatest version of yourself and it just costs you time, energy and determination.

Most of all if you want to learn there are 100s of schools that change minimal costs for you to discover niche markets that you can learn to become an expert in for marginal costs. Our school that we have called Pioneer Purpose is all about helping you write out a life plan, discover your purpose and become your greatest version.

Our program is a small margin of the cost of one college class and yet it’s the life preparation course 1,000s have joined us on to be a part of our community and really breakthrough their emotional and mental blocks and pains.

There’s better ways to learn your “lessons” without it costing you, your life.

5. Will I For Sure Finish?

Did you know between 45-59% of students that start college never even finish? That’s a whole lot of people, spending a whole lot of money that don’t even get to the end. That’s years of time, energy, money and focus spent on something that isn’t a part of your future. It’s a detour and for many it crushes their passion and dreams.

Before I ever start something I always ask WHY. Why am I going to go to college? What is the purpose? Why do I want to get this specific degree? When I start will I finish? If you can answer these positively that bring value back to your overall dream and purpose then great, your heading in the right direction.

In Pioneer Purpose we take you through a mind mapping process to access different parts of your mind and take you through the process of healthy decision making. We believe that when your empowered to have the end in mind, that’s when the journey can have joy in it. Most fear the journey because they do not see the end. In our program we help you plan and live with the end in mind.

6. Is School Going To Teach Me How To Be Successful?

Success isn’t your GPA, few will ask you about it when you done. When I’ve asked every leader on my podcast about their GPA and how many have asked them about it, only one person said they had been asked about it.

Success isn’t taught in a classroom. School doesn’t teach you how to be a success, only you can decide that about your future. It’s how you apply yourself and if you find what you have passion and love to do.

There are plenty of successful people that never graduated college. Steve Jobs founder of Apple, Richard Branson founder of Virgin Atlantic Airways, Larry Ellison CEO of Oracle, Rachael Ray, with her cooking TV show, Bill Gates founder of Microsoft. Gosh the list is 1,000s of people.

Listen you might not be like one of these people above or if your honest with yourself you might not have what it takes to pull off being your own boss or being a #1 or A player in the game but you must understand that college will not make you a success or teach you to be successful. That is all up to you.

In Conclusion:

I believe with all my heart that if you don’t ask and answer these six questions honestly about going to college you could make a huge mistake about your future. I don’t hate college nor am I not a believer in it, I have just seen to many 100s of people and personal friends get stuck from believing that college was their fix all to a better future.

I believe your purpose and in your dream but I know that if you want to make an investment into yourself, to learn and develop, to become the greatest version and upgrade who you are then you don’t need a degree to get there. Join our Purpose tribe and sign up for our school today to learn what you want to do, who you are and allow us to help you build a plan around your purpose.

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